The Fight To Keep Arctic Oil In the Ground Heats Up In Norway, Part I

On Top of a Melting World

Although the warm weather is exceptional, exceptions have become the new normal. The Arctic region is warming at a faster rate than the rest of the world; in some places its average temperature has already risen by 2C.

Local Pollution

But climate change and oil drilling aren’t the only threats to the island of Sállir (Kvaløya in Norwegian), which already has extensive liquid petroleum gas production. The impact of the oil and gas industry scars the island: a deep smog sits over Hámmárfeasta, processing plants and tankers litter the stunning landscape, and heavy traffic swarms on the narrow roads.

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Fanny Malinen

Fanny Malinen


Journalist, researcher, organiser towards economic and social justice. Based in London, most of the time. Tweets @fannymalinen