Brooklyn is a state of mind.

A few facts about me, a person who has never been to Brooklyn.

  • I built my dining table and refinished the chairs.
  • I’m building a wall shelf out of metal pipes.
  • I pickle. I had a pickling vat, even, but got rid of it in a recent move.
  • I make yogurt regularly. I’ve made butter and mozzarela cheese, too.
  • The other day I ran out of mayo and decided to make some, which I guess lots of people do, but then I pasteurized it sous vide.
  • I built a machine to suck small plastic balls up the stairs. You know, for kids.
  • I write Medium posts.
  • I found the NBA finals boring, so instead of watching it last night I made some Mexican chocolate popsicles.
  • I’m growing a beard. I bought beard oil.
  • I bought a handmade comb.
  • I get custom-fitted shirts. I wear Timberland boots.
  • I think it’s reasonable for men to wear make-up.
  • I listen to public radio all the time. ALL. THE. TIME.
  • I tweet.
  • I have two children who go to a Montessori preschool whose annual celebration is called International Day.
  • My kids favorite snack is bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
  • Their favorite musician is Paul Simon.
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