Day 6 of the Bitcoin Only Challenge — London Transport

This week we have made it our mission to live only on bitcoin contactless payments using our Plutus app. And lucky for us, we heard that Transport for London (TFL) has just been named the fastest growing contactless merchant in Europe! So we took our app and realized we were ready for a challenge.

After paying at TFL with our app, we realized that we inadvertently created a way to travel with bitcoin using existing payment infrastructure. We knew Plutus would be convenient, but we didn’t know it would be this good!

Best of all, this will work in any country with NFC terminals!

We just realized that Plutus can do everything that the Oyster card can do, and more. Sorry, Boris! Any time we travel, we will be paying with bitcoin from now on.

Boris Johnson, Major of London and occassional butt of jokes