The Plutus Live on Bitcoin for 1 Week Challenge

Probably the first Bitcoin transaction at Marks & Spencer’s ever!

We have just started our 1 week long bitcoin experiment, where we will spend an entire week paying only using bitcoin through our Plutus contactless payment app. Let’s see if we can complete this challenge.

( If you would like to learn more about Plutus, feel free to look at our FAQ. The FAQ is being updated all the time, so if you have any questions, please send them in. )

It works!

We’re off to a good start so far on Day 1. Today we already bought some groceries at Marks & Spencer’s, and a great lunch at Bumpkin. At both places the NFC reader immediately registered our payment and it was quickly completed.

In fact, at the end of filming our video, the staff at Bumpkin were actually curious about how we paid the bill and of course we said “Bitcoin!” I guess this is the first evidence that our app may also attract the attention of merchants towards cryptocurrencies. Overall a good result.

In the end, paying with the Plutus was actually easier and even faster than we thought. Since we have held bitcoin for a long time, we are now happy to finally have a way to spend them at local stores.