Make money creating apps without coding

WIth Mobincube you can create apps for free. These apps show banners. Earch time a user click on the banner or install the app showed, you will earn money.

It’s very easy. Create your own app for free and earn money following these steps:

  1. Sign up for free at
  2. Build your app with Mobincube for free. No coding required!
  3. Activate the monetize option. You can monetize the app thanks to the Mobincube Ad Network by activating the “Monetize” option in the Tools panel of your App
  4. Make your app visible to the world. Publish it on the main app stores (Google Play, AppStore and Windows Marketplace)

And start promoting your app!!! Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, etc) can be very useful tool for your apps, making them visible to the world. With platforms like WIX you can create your own website. Show your apps and promote them in a easy way.

Having a video where you show your app will give you notoriety and it also helps the ASO.

And you can also hire Ads campaigns so that your app is displayed in apps from other users.

Enjoy and make money!!!!

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