A call to action: your fat friend is going it alone.
Your Fat Friend

I posted the article about Errol Narvaez a week or two ago on my Facebook feed — nobody really paid attention to it. I posted about how I was upheaved about the comments people were fat shaming this man and basically claiming that the airline should treat people like mail and charge for taking up more space. Nobody (or hardly anyone) commented or liked for solidarity, because people just don’t know what to think about fat people.

Many people don’t know that I know and love and accept fat people as equals. I fucking love fat people more than anyone would know. I hate seeing other people in pain and suffering, being harangued by unsolicited advice, and being made less of a person, people talking about their weight constantly.

These are people too. They are people with emotions. Had I been on that plane, I probably would’ve stood up and said something. No one should be inconvenienced for having a different body size.

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