Quickly configure your pods to run only on Mac Catalyst or iOS and still use one main target

Mac Catalyst was announced at WWDC19, an exciting event where Apple also presented the early versions of SwiftUI and Combine. A ton of announcements for a single event.

The announcement of Mac Catalyst provided a way for iOS developers to easily enter the macOS world and port our apps to…

No matter the remote host, HTTP method, or response type, this approach will serve any purpose your app may need

diagram showing the two-way flow of data between a user and a remote database through an API


One way or another, 99% of apps need to access data stored in a remote server, therefore making it essential to have an API client to handle the HTTP requests/responses. Now, although this data often comes from a sole source, it’s not unusual to have more than one. …

Build, archive, test, create an XCFramework, inject notifications, and simulate deeplinks


In this brief tutorial, I’ll introduce you to some useful Xcode command-line tools and present useful use cases where you can leverage their potential.

1. Use Case: Build Workflow

CI/CD are trendy nowadays, and one of the basic checks that you can set to your repository is to ensure all your targets build. Let’s take…

Learn how deep links are handled in the new SwiftUI app life cycle, and discover an elegant way to manage them


With WWDC20, Apple introduced SwiftUI 2.0 and a lot of the new features coming with iOS 14. Following last year’s keynote, these new features will only be supported by SwiftUI.

To make it even more attractive, Apple released the new SwiftUI app life cycle: apps written 100% in SwiftUI. Just…

Understand UICollectionViewLayout and create a grid layout where cells can span columns


UICollectionView is one of those “advanced” UIKit components that every iOS developer has to struggle with sooner or later. Why isn’t it so easy to work with as UITableView ? Why UICollectionViewCell doesn’t resize to fit on the screen? How can I get several columns? …

SwiftUIMenu to the rescue


Some time ago, I decided to write an article on the implementation of the menu navigation pattern in SwiftUI:

The menu navigation pattern is widely used in many apps. Although some would argue it’s more of an Android thing and that Apple has never tried to serve it as a…

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