5 Principles to Enjoy Working in a Startup

So you’re about to join a startup? This story is for you.

Florent Mérian
May 22 · 2 min read
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It is D-Day. After applying and going through the hiring process successfully, you finally start working in this early-stage, ambitious, and fast-growing startup.

By choosing to work in a startup, you have chosen to learn a lot, at a fast pace and regularly, and to work with a passionate team.

You have made the right choice.

You will live an incredible, fascinating, and engaging journey, where your work makes sense and has a real impact on the success of the company.

Your teammates expect a lot from you so below are five principles to benefit fully from your experience in this startup:

Principle #1: Share vision and values

The mission and the values, defined by the cofounders of the company, help the company to grow in the right direction. You must understand and agree with them to identify your objectives, set up relevant metrics, and implement these fundamental elements in your daily work.

Principle #2: Ship it

Every day, you will have questions without answers. Identify the main issues and work on them. It may mean you will have to go beyond your primary missions as described in your job offer. Learn to learn. Learn to dare, and stay curious.

Principle #3: Your help is valuable

Your point of view matters. Tell your thoughts in full transparency, and share your experience. Constructive feedback helps the company grow. No matter what the subject is, your help is valuable for the team.

For instance, one of the main issues for an early-stage startup is to hire the most talented and most passionate people. You can contribute to it by sharing job offers, by identifying and by recommending relevant people and by onboarding new hires and set them up for success. You have the opportunity to build the team you want to work with.

Principle #4: Get Moxie 🥤

Stay positive. Every day, the co-founders can switch from being enthusiastic to being stressful. Bring your energy, your dynamism, and your positive mindset needed to overcome hurdles. In every circumstance, get Moxie.

Principle #5: Focus

Keep the focus on your objectives and your results. In a fast-growing organization, you can work on a thousand different tasks. Your priority is to reach your goals, to get the job done, and to make the company scale.

To work in an early-stage and fast-growing startup is an incredible journey. Your work is significantly impactful on the success of the company.

Your move.

Florent Mérian

Written by

Product and Growth Hacker

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