Is the iTunes era coming to an end?

On January 9 of 2001, iTunes 1.0 was released at Macworld San Francisco and since then, it has been a key product for Apple’s success in the post-PC era. Fifteen years have passed, and a lot has changed in the digital and music industry. Is iTunes still relevant today after all those changes?

iTunes now, on its 12th version, is doing way more things than it was back in 2001. You can not only manage your local Music Library but also manage your iDevices, iOS Apps, Podcasts, iTunes U, iTunes Store, Radio Stations and also access thousands songs from Apple Music. Having all those features in one place comes with a price: A Heavy & Rigid application with compromises here and there to accommodate all functionalities.

I personally find iTunes quite powerful, and would like to continue using its ecosystem, but what if the extensive app was replaced with more focused versions, like it is on iOS? It would not only improve the experience but also provide a more consist experience across Apple Systems (macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS).

Music App

Blending the UI between Mac and iDevices is a great way to start that movement. It would be possible to allocate space for a Now Playing panel, allowing users to quickly control and to glance on what’s coming up next.

App Store

Why do we even download Apps from iTunes on the first place? macOS already has an exclusive application for downloading them so why not to use that interface for App-related tasks?

Bonus Feature: Imagine if you could install apps on your iDevices from your Mac with no cables? Google Play has that feature for years now and it would be awesome if Apple adopted it as well.

Device Managment

You may not have heard of Apple Configurator yet: It’s an app to help managing iOS Devices. The current version is tailored to multiple devices, but it has all the foundation to make it about your personal ones and integrate with other apps such as Music, Photos and so on.

Source: Mac App Store

Movies and TV Shows

Combining Movies and TV Shows into a single view and we have the TV App for Mac. It’s focused on video playing and a great way to access your library.

Other Features

Podcasts, iTunes U & Home Movies

How about the other features iTunes is now responsible for? Well, same approach for those functions, single-purpose apps.

That’s it. It seems Apple is moving towards the simpler Apps direction and I believe we users, will eventually be happier that way. Don’t you think those changes would make your macOS interactions easier?

An improved iTunes version is rumored to be announced at WWDC Keynote this year, so whether we will see a diversion remains a secret until Monday, June 13th at 10am PST. Here is the link for the streaming, Enjoy!

Source: 9to5mac