40 Something

Trump’s rally on Sunday — back to the alternative universe of his diehard supporters was reminder that a lot of people love this guy & what love what he’s doing despite what the majority of the rest of us might think.

About the “45%” — Trump’s approval ratings this month in traditional surveys taken by telephone interviewers range from 39% in the Pew Poll to 48% in a Fox News poll. I was nice and gave him an average 45% approval rating, but no matter how you slice it he is the first modern president to begin his term with less than majority approval, which speaks for itself and explains why we are seeing so many anti-Trump rallies and such a giant chasm between the die hard supporters and die hard haters.

The Art Process — With everyday a tsunami of news it has been difficult to stay focused on one news item to create a cartoon for. A good problem to have, but I need to adjust how I approach the work and hopefully start posting more.