“And You Get a Pen & You Get a Pen …”

Mylan’s EpiPen PR nightmare.

Sorry if this cartoon seems a little harsh but there is a reasons so many people are so angry at the outrageous cost to a necessary medicine like the EpiPen. It seems strange that pharmaceutical companies can make so much money, for themselves and their stockholders, while at the same time be in the business of supply, sometimes lifesaving, medication to people (rich and poor).

I think this says less about the pharmaceutical companies and more about what really drives our society. Is it to just to make money and only worry about ourselves or is it to look out for one another even at the expense of making money.

AS OF THIS MORNING — Mylan announced that it would offer a “generic” version of the EpiPen for half price, which means about $300. As some economist have already pointed out, this is a win-win for Mylan, that will help them to quiet their critics while simultaneously corner the generic market before anyone else can think about coming in to challenge it.