Google Brainstorms A New Name

A rare look into the early brainstorming ideas of Larry Page (co-founder of Google) as they worked to come up with the new name for Google. The name they eventually settled on was “Alphabet” as we all know by now.

Although this isn’t real (I had a lot of fun coming up with this and creating it) it makes you wonder how much thought went into the new name, and what the founders of Google are trying to project into this new, single name. For as wonderful as much of Google can be, and for the hearts of its founders, which appear to be in the right place, I’m a little off put by the notion that “technology” can solve all our problems, when in fact it is merely a tool. And like any tool, it may not be the right one for some situations. And it might be better if Google used its power and influence to help folks out, if that is behind any of this, instead of tying technology to every endeavor.