117. anise, on stars supposed

one true lemming, a hundred shapes,

is what everyone adam claimed,

confronted with the memory

of who had boasted the peccary

everyone adam oats alone

when the orderlies all have gone —

it’s the privilege of dignitaries

and high priests in peccary

peccary, probably, is the height

of a highly stratified

pre-columbian society

in the jungles amazonian

lemmings, local, are pretty rare

(in fact, they don’t exist all there),

but, by chance, upon a float,

one had made the long commute

lemming the larry had become

a celebrity (though, a minor one),

then, suddenly, he revealed that

he’d always been a pack rat

everyone adam was the priest

of the sect of lemming least —

a pact of pigs who had believed

a lemming would come in from the east

when one came (so, unexpected),

and it proved the old professions,

there was so much fanfare that

larry went along with it

peccaries, probably, for their airs,

haven’t got much on up there,

and it culminated with

the choice of lemming for chosen pig

everyone adam woke up, then,

every morning, and dressed in

purple robes and fancy plumes

fitting for a peccary prude

every morning he’d shuffle to

the lemming shrine, anoint it with

cedar and fine incenses,

pay it down with sacrifices

when the lemming at last showed

he could not just let it go —

he put it on a pedestal,

and worshiped it with all his will

then the lemming dropped the act,

showed himself a mere pack rat,

everyone adam would not be told:

one true lemming, a thousand forms