128. still a dread, still delicious

where was eloise, that night of shame —

shivering, shaking, beneath a frame?

wherever it was, it’s when they came,

the eternal spots of sunshine sublime

eloise isn’t unusually timid

(to those who know, a mouse in millions),

but they (you know, whoever’s counting),

didn’t factor solar compounding

coronal umbra (simply) are found in

an exploding gas ball’s convection currents,

and one day (it’s day there, always)

two of them skipped to earth opposite

filly and fanny, or brother and daniel

(they don’t have names, so it doesn’t matter),

fed up to be subjected to laws of,

slipped off the sun, and caught on a comet

eloise won’t tell you herself, but

she has been known to collate the cosmic,

with her stacks of tables astronomic,

she has been called the mouse tycho brache

when she had tracked, from day to the night,

two blacks had gone, replaced by more bright,

then, on a comet (4726, listed),

two blotches show up — coincidence?

the comet follows its path elliptic,

and eloise marks it as it approaches,

then one night, when it is closest,

the spots have suddenly it absconded

billy and donny, or frankie and fair

(it doesn’t matter, they’re no longer there!)

suddenly have their absences caused,

in not one, but two sets of charts!

eloise was outraged, anxious, of course,

stuff like this is statistically false,

so she prepared for the end of the world,

frantically shoved her head in a board

when they appeared, eloise peeked,

scared though she was, curiousity

overcame her sense of outraged belief,

and she found, they’d just come for tea

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