148. vivian spoke, but wasn’t a plum (cont.)

tumorous t, dastardly bleeds,
bright and purple from out of his spleen,
mixes with r, the rum from above,
creates a cloud that burns out the lungs

of ann of cleeves, worsley, buckinham’s pony
ithaca al, and dodo whose only
there for the wheeze with rhesus the monkey
fresh from careening off westminster abbey

people have posted, and revolted almost,
henry’s a tyrant, but god enthroned him,
elizabeth’s not a part of this play (yet),
james is a germ in buckingham’s legs

beefsteak of black, and cassowary’s cat,
conspire to sack the privy cabinet,
up strolls from left (god knows he is dead!),
thomas more preaching ascetical ed.

ascetical ed is a prissy poltroon,
pot-bellied, pasty, possibly prude,
picks up a stick, explains this to it,
the heresy caused by the protestants skizzing

skizzing salutes, thomas more toasts,
tells to the king, bleeding, remote,
what wouldn’t he, so wrecked up and wretched,
pulls out the eyes of archbishop becket

foolscap and for, the flat and the corp.,
flash on the stage a final report,
lady macbeth does doesn’t to death,
finally, all of them flop in a mess

alas the poor lorrit sums up the story,
this is what comes of politics porridge,
there for the goose of greatness goes thy
(something like that), gurgles and dies

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