162. each new, each sailing, intermingled (cont.)

catherine’s great, or good enough
to run the state of england, but,
george defeated, he’s just not needed,
so he, with all his friends secreted

stole, before the russians showed up,
in a boat that holes was made of,
up the thames and deep in forest
where they hoped to hide unnoticed

catherine’s cold, but out, expose(d),
has to keep to london, closely,
settles, scheming, stealing toys,
before she can the rest destroy

george the second, potts, westmoreland,
ranging, rugged, slumming, sordid,
trade their shoes for roots to chew on,
trade their coats for rags unwholesome

catherine clasps, a three-way trap,
tin battalions, store-bought, land,
from their boxes, they’re unpacked,
and sent in stroke, en route, attack

this is where our george the foxes,
assumed the right to steal their faces — 
sure, your honor, it’s wrong, we know it,
it was an act of desperation!

judge, the jenny, chokes the tears back,
moved (or maybe it was hay-fever),
ruled, right there, it is the right of
kings when kings steal for all england!

privy potts, he smirked a little,
he knew that trick would win acquittal,
then he frowned, because it means
they’re forced to fight the catherine

catherine’s got tin cannon, shot,
tin soldiers, seventy, a tin rail-yard,
two tin horses, twelve tin boats — 
all the king, what’s in this wood

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