167. collected, both gods and feet

“boom” boiler says (it maybe was muffled),
and belched out a steam, surrounding the culters,
“bring me the babies, the otters, the wolf cubs,
i don’t care what, braided and buttered”

some where surprised, shocked, or disgusted,
but it went on, “eats for the bucket!
octopus, orange, dolphins, ricotta — 
cheese! all your cheese! toast and tomaters!”

certainly, something had gone very wrong,
somebody, somewhere, had got the wires crossed — 
this boiler was rogue, bottomed it bellowed
fire from all of its incorrect elbows

at that very instant, margaret flashed fully,
equinoctial, i guess, sun-spots were cooking,
then, from the south, the don’t-it in-swirling,
quickly it closed, it’s all converging

asterisk ottoman was almost out-gassed,
what’s he, after all, he’s only an ass,
a chris from wisconsin, an insurance salesman,
that boiler was his sole justification

elsewhere the moses had made the decision
to sacrifice jesus to the mechanism — 
all of the jesus, why not? without them
moses would get their shot at the helm

margaret makes, impatient, a move,
a green glowing gauze, a gorgeous mushroom,
god may be great, but margaret mates
just with the one, the jesus earthquake

the moses are humbled, the jesus are jumbled,
soon to be fed to the boiler who’s troubled — 
asterisk ottoman jumps on his horse,
“off away! on again!” desperate, implores

meanwhile the don’t-it blows from below
enlightening what wasn’t beforehand aglow,
flashes, a crack! and that is that,
the end of the boiler who ben would command

ben’s an intruder, a made-up maneuver,
a false god for forwarding the boilers intrusion — 
margaret’s maize, electric, eclipses,
don’t-it’s just there to do as she wishes

the ottomans out retreat to the south,
asterisk (chris) still stuck on his mount — 
someday columbus will move without wheels, it’s
maybe when margaret finds her true jesus

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