167. collected, both gods and feet

jesus of german and jesus of jessie
(out of all of the jesuses made in)
borned and the brought up the jesus that became
the best of them all, the jesus of earthquake

as a child, choosy, and marked by exclusion,
fed only fruits and special infusions,
his friends were a ram, a bull-dog, a clam
who coddled him closely while filtering sand

what can be said of the jesuses? they
are few but in forms disparate range
from tropics to tundra with purposes polished — 
for example, one, enable the margaret

ions attack the atmosphere at
angles (i don’t know what it’s exact),
jesus up-springs, and gets in between
and margaret makes on the earth (or is seen)

a jesus is grown in long steady rows,
like beans, or barley, or broccoli does,
once in a moon, or many monsoons,
the jesus is born to margaret bloom

jesuses general are sent out to well up
wet seasons, showers, fogs, and electric — 
all of the weather you wonder at daily
starts with a jesus reacting with jamie

jamie is jelly, jointed, repelling,
pressing at points, pulsing, and ebbing,
plug in a jesus, jamie combines
to make up the storms of don’t-it’s domain

more is unknown, it’s so secretly done
you never will see it (give it a go),
but if jesus are jerks for margaret’s jonses
don’t let me get in what happens with moses

moses are marching, bobbing, embarking
on long stately trips, lined-up, lamarking,
whales, at a stretch, their tails have so spread
to cover the cold water currents instead

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