168. prudence, an onion

the plain and the crested (i won’t say they’re ghosts),
ideas, perhaps, or concepts in space,
if you them trace, a step by a step,
blam! there they are, in blood (or as if)

diana was doing a dirty, they thought,
by taking their story, and building it up — 
theirs was a noble, barbaric, or worse,
the point in contention, it was all theirs

the governing panel for *stuff* disembodied,
past people, or objects, ideas forgotten,
a trio of ghosts (not ghosts, i explained!),
projections (possibly) upon plato’s cave

the stretch and the plain (no, that’s not right),
anyway, all four of them pleaded their rights
in front of a broom, a camel, some guy
(they are just placeholders, don’t ask me why)

the plain and the crested were represented
by a novel named george, the king who repented,
which sold very poorly (it never was published)
and had to then find a living in justice

the point of proceeding, he put this down plainly,
diana’s thoughts had just as much claim as
old dusty facts, a million years old
(or however many) grown dusty and cold

counterpoint called the rubber-band ball,
the lawyer (i guess) who pleaded for old,
the skeletons show, or pieces thereof,
a clear chain connecting that can’t be ignored

objection! said someone, it may have been muffled,
the walls in this place echo enough, and
the shadows all shift, and sometimes change round — 
a strange place to separate facts from what’s not

objection! again, it must have been him — 
george had been shut, then opened again — 
the bones are but few, and mixed-up, askew,
broken in places, marked, crazed, abused

objection! appalled, the rubber band ball:
the health of my clients is not for this wall,
if they’ve been abused, it’s *time* to rebuke,
let’s not confuse accuser/accused

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