172. victor, tidings, tremendously pleased

the thought shark, the demon, the crab have completed
their next narrative, and started repeating,
in memory centers, they’ve turned her against her
(exhausting, this — does it go on forever?)

with long term intact (at least there is that)
melanie knew how her brain used to act
without these intruders, but how to elude them,
shut them out, strongly, stop them, undo it?

to bring in new forces, just peacocks, but more of
is not a solution, besides they’re all for it,
proud they now preen for crab as their king,
it’s sad, but expected, the myth that they sing

foretells of the judas, it’s christian, it’s cool to
include characters that stiff you or screw you,
anyway, eleven, that’s all there was left of
the peacocks presenting after the robots

she makes up her mind, just one of each kind,
ideas, overwhelming, diversely defined — 
thought shark can’t keep up with millions of *stuff*,
confused, counteracting, and where will he look?

sure, it’s a school, a swarm, but more too,
where multiple peacocks can easily skew
with cheats, song, and silly you need just the one theme
resonate simply, and you’ve conquered (in theory)

sheep dog, disaster, elk, cod, and ashcan,
sharp, steel, inflated, exceeded, alaska,
show ’em a mass of meaningless, axes,
measles, myopic, they won’t know what whacked ‘em

the trouble, retaining, to keep them the frame in,
melanie’s scattered, and might be insane, but
mentally all she can keep tabs upon
is six or eight concepts, twelve at the most

the robots are charged, and the programming part,
to put into place a set of rules, hard,
that strings to the stupid and countless confuse(d)
images inside the first sector rooted

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