173. sunk steven, deeply daned

though ginkgo bear freeze from alpha b ace
is a whole other story, he’s slapstick, he states
in a long manifesto, if you’re ever depressed to
rapture a pirate and hey, nonny, presto

the blues are held back, it’s fun if you can,
cause pirates are puff-shirted, black-lace, and sam
their parrot is short and says silly words,
but then he got stuck with this carpet store jerk

alpha b ace, or 34 makes
enough, all at once, for god-geckos strange,
ginkgo, i mean, it’s mixed up and meat
is way too expensive, spicy and greek

meatballs and mushrooms, kangaroos kettle,
mashed up, and seasoned, it’s all in together,
but for a koala, or a leopard in spots, a
bit of high seas is something to shop for

ginkgo bear freeze, all alone in his tree,
now and then raptures some carpet stores, he
pretends they are pirates, but still it is tiring
that none of them turn out as awful, exciting

as the books from his childhood, whiskers and wild wood
legs shouting curses, cannibal heads cured,
sails, i mean, something, scabbards, swashbuckling — 
they’re just ten cent salesmen hawking plush flooring

if someone went back through his manifest mad,
and corrected the error on the first page, he had
put in the place where the pirates invade
shop clerks suburban selling simple stuff made

of wool, polyester, he lists them in levels,
high-grade, top quality, cheap, chalk, and leather,
loose grained, compressor, not fit for a leopard,
not fit for a kumquat, not fit for whatever

and developed the theme, so the whole filthy screed
once (very briefly) on the love shared between
a great lizard leopard and pirates, developed
a carpet store call sheet filled with resentment

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