175. lemurs defused

gadzooks! (he says) look, the weapon, the blood,
it all fits together, the butler was crooked
by this mad little lady, the next time you’d maybe
think to invite me, i’m not beyond paying

bribes are the grease that wheels the police,
think about that (next time you murder, i mean),
dust off the pen, and the invitations
send them to coppers, it’s easily said

and done even better — urs breaks in, error!
you’ve made, i mean, this isn’t even connected — 
look, the blade brakes, it’s unsharpened, it’s a
prop piece i’ve found in the trunk by the safe

planted there possibly by someone who wanted a
diversion, it’s simple, you must know to murder a
butler needs time, and method, design,
and a blade that’s both sharp and solid, and i

was dancing we know that night with this blowfish
(sure, a nice guy, but backward) and motive — 
what could i have the butler to stab,
without him who’s going to feed me, alas?

i loved the poor toad (not that way, of course),
etc, etc, she went on exhorting — 
the cop was of steel, fat, but unfeeling,
stood there a sock unwilling to deal

meanwhile this process has gone on so long that
tuesday has turned and the fishes are mobbing
outside and shouting down at the lousy
upper class idiots who can’t even flour bring

our stores are shut, empty, our children are dead, the
russian card stack, the cap stand, the deli,
our dogs are free ranging, the rats are invading — 
in other words, things are not all that great, the

outside was flush with fishes in front,
back, and behind, down the chimneys they chucked
embers enveloped in notes nasty, telling — 
and grunt, decomposing, was moved to the cellar