18. mantle, measures

mean bill break, discontented,
made of anxiety, manifested — 
scratched around, pecked and bled,
packed with rage and petty dread

old co komisky, ineffectually,
bald and bleary, perpetually
stocked the sky with his arrows — 
only served to pierce himself

frog-kept flog, a frosted cock,
strutted, mad, back to front,
warning, wingeing, offering
acrimony, disordering

pieces batter, silly sat
samed on old cold casters had — 
pulled to pieces, was wild beasted,
wasted, white, notoriously

stars and shame, venus rude,
wounds, wearies, attitude,
labors, pressures, discontents,
passions, purples, nonetheless —

whatever speeches, whatever slows,
breaks, blows, as they come,
perplexes, carelesses, and abuses,
batters, blues, just rank humors — 
*because* it is so hard to do,
i will stay calm for you

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