194. up trees, in snorted, snapper-gape larks

it’s massive the task in legal loops cracking
constitutions are complex, the council of crabs had
six (just for starters), they wrote, and a charter
to set up the free state of crabs (now discarded)

a constitution crappy is cool but relaxing,
it shows off its curves in stripes but with that the
constitution of smiles is regarded as vile,
with top-heavy toasts and a tumble inside

all the small sort of tricks are important
to take from one base to the best overboard, if
a constitution catches on poles or straw latches
it ruins the rest and you can’t really ratchet

right, wrong, it’s really the rub in it, sell the
love, say, republic, a dumb underbelly,
if crabs are consistent they couldn’t within it
establish just one set of monarchical limits

one said be free, and two said be fleas,
and three said be anything but don’t drink the tea
they tossed overboard to protest all the chores
the chap with the hat at the end of the wharf

forget him, he’s past, he’s yesterday’s has been,
he’s got a hat, sure, but nobody asked him
to develop this list of crabs things are fit — 
for example, for sweaters, they stretch and they slip

off into the water, no, this guy is not the
boss of the crabs, four was to stop the
mussels from making a mess of the tanks in,
latching and leaving shells sharp and then breaking

bleeding — the fifth told people to live
in perfect harmony, i mean, NOT THE FISH — 
fish are all treated in number six, feeded
to whales (they’re alright, but only un-teeth(ed))

and pole-cats, now, please, constitutionally
could not write a sentence, the session was leaned
left, right, and center, with plywood presenters
who gave fancy speeches (but couldn’t project), the