30. kings, or, fortitude

beauty bear the constant scare
on a chalk-lined carousel
went around in fancy dress
as a russian easter egg

met a monster or a mess
(which, it doesn’t matter much),
told him, “hey, its alright”
gave him flowers and a light

murmurs, sense, or (what?), ants,
for the fortune or the can’ts,
sensing, sweetly, invitations,
made, devils, denunciations

star, the rightful book of men
(what he was or wasn’t then) — 
children of the cranky that
looked around at something past —

plain feeling, a rook he is
(i don’t know, what’d you think?) — 
shrunk the simple stickle skunk
(he’s, now, some other schmuck) —

peter break the misty pip
(who he was or what he did) — 
posthumous, poor, but kind-hearted,
alpine and flat-lining

days, reads, or in jest,
expense, avarice, all-the-rest,
bonds, or beggars, determined,
(you know) make the best of it