31. messenger moors, three

personable pate went out for a grape
(modestly, now, not for the waste),
met on the way a real ripping red,
spices, silks, and happiness

what he was, or what he wasn’t,
we won’t discuss them at the present — 
easily man, or far off fling,
constants, believes, or other things

had an old friend named miracle mule,
bought for a song at the village school,
taught him to tease, for sugar cubes,
all of the birds in the bamboos

the birds, many, happily,
indulged the beast in his vanity,
knowing full well, at the drop of a hat,
they could simply sit up and flap

personable pate was in, well, a state,
saw a caramel called coastally kate,
who gave him, confidentially the
secrets to caster sugary:

purest mold, an hallucinogen,
candy, topaz, some indians,
two talking ducks, a bit of gold,
fingers (a couple), and pebble stones

most of all, you put in the mix,
however you find it, wherever it is,
however strange it may seem in the end,
a touch, a taste, of real ripping red

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