42. race of the scathers

on the top of table mountain
(somewhere, then, in the outback),
lived the rival tuscan walrus,
displaced, it seems, ocean-less — 
no-one knows how he was found
without water for miles around
(it’s not the correct hemisphere — 
they can’t take the temperature)

well, he managed, he got along,
amid the stones, or so he thought,
rooting, buried, upside-down,
a little wide, or thereabouts

then one day, a flood happened
(i guess that’s el niño, then),
brought a snake (water-logged),
elias von (umm) pope (what?) — 
the last, he was the final fixture
of a line of boa constrictors,
ancient kings of forest swamps
a thousand miles from here apart

this snake and the walrus made
a plan, the mountain to escape — 
rival tuscan walrus would
swim away with snake on board

on the route, they had adventures,
(upstarts, asks, some endeavors),
they battled bears at ten paces,
discovered herbs and cedar mazes,
conquered hedges, hermitages,
creatures could, and dis-engages,
each and ones, the monster frogs,
the greater buns, and beatie stars

what they found (i suppose) is
no matter how ill-disposed it
(or unsuited to the landscape),
you’ll have fun, cooperating

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