69. circling socrates, fetters and borough

long before the hoard and blight

(when budgets weren’t quite so tight),

culture and the arts were born

in the back of kitchen cupboards

i don’t get the circumstance,

why they chose that time to pounce,

up to now we had all made do

with the simple straw hand-broom

suddenly, it all took off

(someone must have gone out shopping),

all the tools were now assembled

for a frenzy — household cleaning

heraclitus hoops, he goes around,

questioning the status quo,

i guess he’s just a gasket that,

keeps the water leaking out

then there is this likely lad,

a sort of rubber plunger, that,

basically, unclogs the drains,

circling socrates, his name

platonic socks will keep you warm,

protect you from the cold stone floor,

ajax powder (at your service)

aristotle’s your messy surface

we stuck with these for centuries,

then tom invented fairy liquid,

it’s almost like a renaissance

for spotless, and grease-free dishes

and what about discovery of

the all-electric clothing washer?

talk about enlightenment,

if you’ve ever used a washing board

cleaning tools, plumbing, and

whatever else around the pad

are continually revolutionizing

how we handle fixing houses