81. pursued by tempest

this one here, a simple story,

about a hen (she goes my mary),

who, because of deep, dark forces,

found herself pursued by tempest

(here is another gag, and

simpler still about a hammer,

a simple tool, his name was bill

tried the game in vaudeville)

mary, well, is in a scrap,

someone (say, it is her past),

put a curse upon her that

a tempest is to her attached

(bill’s a dancer, you know, tap,

a hoofer like bojangles, and

whenever he’d reach the refrain,

he’d pound a nail into the stage)

mary, what’s she gonna do?

this tempest (its name is lou)

chases her around the farm,

drenches her almost to the bone

(then came in the talking pictures —

the 30's is where we’ll fix it —

bill could dance, but couldn’t sing,

and was left without a bean)

the horses, pigs, and the cattle,

they’re all fine, the tempest’s tiny,

it measures only two foot square,

but, man, is it so severe

(there’s bob hope and bing crosby

whose soft-shoe’s as good as bill’s is,

but without the voice to sing with

he could never become a crooner)

mary’s cold, wet, miserable

the tempest just won’t ever leave her,

and with the chicken little rushing,

is useless for the egg production

one day, hen found the hammer

lying, broken, in the gutter,

with some nails and scraps of wood,

used it to build a coop

hammers, for whatever reason,

are not made for the big screen,

use one, though (with other things),

it can shelter from the rain

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