canto 92. the trojan goat

stories of top nut: the lofty ideas of a goat; a goat gets trojaned

“say you’ve heard this story before,
just replace “horse” with “goat” — 
some tales are easy treatable,
we’ve all been goats, so relatable”

“living, once, in the mountains,
in bolivia, or pakistan,
a goat, white, fleece, as given,
a kind of rat, with weight issues — 
it would scamper hither, yon,
eating flowers, talking god,
pose questions to lions and lamb,
say things like, “what would grass
think if it were eating me”, or,
“is wind prey or predator”

“the hummingbirds buzzed around,
watched, whispering, never respond
(in the end, he was slightly mad) — 
but again (on) with questions bad:
is god really self-employed,
what do hoofs consider soil,
does cross-pollination california,
will weasels wheat the warmer,
can mistletoe hang the dawn,
why the stars, milky way on,
what’s a hydra filled with serpents,
will whistling ever surface”

“never ending pointless questions,
eating him, insane suggestions,
twisting him with silly nonsense — 
hummingbirds just watched the process,
themselves content being graceful,
were unconcerned, if unstable — 
the bees and bears, all were silent — 
the rodents, burrowing and quiet — 
all the forest, all the mountains,
watched the goat beat his brains out”

“one day, almost without noticing,
goat contracted a gut parasite — 
a small bug, its name was trojan
(no-one knows how these are given,
generally in the air we breathe) — 
despite his ambitious ideas,
his jazzery, and pretensions — 
it filled his belly and intestines”

“leave open the end, this myth,
goats have a tough life as it is
to add *conclusion* to the list 
(okay, for optimism, say he lived) — 
parasites come and parasites go — 
some infect our insides through — 
others, good, like bacteria,
enable us to go on digesting”