canto 95. exulting brine iris, jupiter

spell cast by exulting brine iris; consultation with jupiter

iris was, well, now, exulting,
i’m not sure why, in destruction,
it can’t all be fun, frivolity — 
there you have it, that’s psychology — 
some people enjoy it, some do not — 
it’s probably not a whole lot worse
in the scheme of anyone else — 
dinosaurs got to eat their eggs,
wasps, vultures feed on flesh,
everyone’s got their own friends — 
if killing’s one of them, i guess,
it’s just a different game of chess

deciding as good as time to end 
this, whatever, cat/mouse game — 
killing people one by one,
is fine enough, and good sport,
eventually, it gets tiresome
(i never understood, in books, movies,
the people homicidal maniac-ing — 
it must get, just exhausting,
carrying chainsaws, etc, axes,
all the cleaning, plastic bags,
bleaching stuff, tracks covering — 
it ends up a *responsibility*) — 
exulting brine iris decided that
it’s easier a spell dispatch

and like that (it’s pretty easy,
that’s what magic’s for, really — 
you wave your hand, “hey presto”,
focus your mind, touch your elbow,
everything’s done, right away — 
why don’t we ever do this, always?),
everything in the road was frozen — 
a menagerie of stopped motion — 
remaining, only, jericho
(why he’s allowed to stick so long,
is anyone’s guess, it’s absurd — 
everyone knows: kill the head first — 
and if anything movies tell you — 
but, buy this brand of cake or shoe — 
if you don’t kill the hero quick,
you’ll certainly live to regret it)

exulting brine iris had decided,
using whatever god calculus,
to take her time with jericho,
ran off to consult with jupiter 
(this is a bit of backstory,
we’ve forgotten it, explanatory,
jupiter, patron saint — gastropods — 
it seems, are things people god) — 
the two deities plotted
a plan how jericho, hobbled,
gets his desserts, and pays
the price for searching snails — 
if nothing else, for sake of story,
it’s probably a purgatory

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