just so? stories: 5. turned olive, exulting

simple sam the swelling fish
felt around for labyrinths,
pulsing gods, mythology — 
found a pure bliss julia

donna science delivery,
told of contagions, mysteries,
monkeys, missions, breakers, gas,
atoms, clouds, mals animus

philosophy did, with heavens, devils,
large and dark and oriental,
horace, hebrew, secret lessons,
epigrams, muses, and confessions

office fattened dukes among,
fleets and relics, sailors run,
large and dark and helpless engines,
common company lording nelsons

wine and guild, a burial,
a double-damned imperial,
built a watch-dog waterloo,
one-star, flaming, overdue

history, naples, chickens, kaisers,
rosaries, in past long prizes,
just a hapless schoolboy chart,
beakers, boils, a busman’s heart

all the books, the triangles,
irons, ships, the snakes, enamels,
all the feeling, french romances,
trenches, truths, pans, and panic

simple sam the swelling fish,
filled to gills in an abyss,
found a simple julie sweet,
stockings, slippers, combs, complete

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