just so? stories: 6. fate, jove, headlong

propose peach the fairy swallow
felt around in fells and hollows,
caked in goose and girlish cheek,
sings to everyone she sees

propose peach the chaffinch chipping,
tuned, and scattering, and spinning,
in octaves, milk, machinery,
took the seas for fattening — 
brings the sky, a signal silk,
filled with flowers, fishes, figs,
seraphs, swifts, and mysteries — 
to the low mud passengers

[olive, an elephant crusoe,
overloaded, i don’t know,
keeps, alone, on his isle,
spread in sullen memories]

propose peach, the blue-bird way,
a late-discovered presently,
offers, free, unbiddenly,
a happy lovely hauntingly — 
queen of fruit trees reddening,
alum, stars, and trembling,
citrus, ambers, vermillions,
felt, and mossy elements

[cavalier, himself, for fear,
felt for pinions, atmosphere — 
an edition, dull, awkward,
dusty, desperate, wild, and worse]

pretty blackbird, delicate,
a perfect reformation that,
there, or, then, invisible,
vaporous, or whispering will,
take a love, the perfect red,
stitch together, end-to-end — 
a puzzling cockney cuneiform — 
weave a simple, steady song

propose peach the fairy swallow,
filled with excess, entertainments,
strings her cheek from tree to tree,
sings to everyone she sees

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