Interesting challenge, and so far they keep applying 20th century thinking to a 21st century problem. They talk about the corporate vision of innovation and sustainability. Only for 13 years we had a cost of living and doing business based on a GDP of charging more to get less and still going up.

So your talent pool is now seen as a financial liability to be replaced by technology and the ability of the G35 to meet the requirements of the speculator investor who already own anything of value so limit their investment to speculation area to protect their interest and even the government are now speculator to look after the on going demand for more to get less. Assuring short term gain, but no long term community sustainability. As once your cost of living and doing business is based on going after the income of the privileged few. At sometime most of your talent pool become a financial liability or get burnt out by trying to meet the demands of few who are in a position to do what they do best make money, but a shrinking talent pool who once out of the tech, may see a more simple way of life and as the cost of living and doing business is based on the income of the privileged few the reality is . companies can only hire experience people . Has one mistake and the speculator investors can now afford the company to lose, Has they are the same investor buy their technology and talent for pennies on the dollar.