Mastering your own mind

We can’t ignore the fact that the world around us is strange, rude and complicated, forced us to follow the flow, go whatever life takes you and don’t resist the unfavorable change when it comes to us because it’s the only way for us to survive this cruel world. But everything we perceive in this world is stored and organized by our mind. If our mind is too weak to fight back the bad odds, we will follow whatever is coming, losing our free will (figuratively). What we need to do is to cope with this world, we are part of this world, we are the smartest kind of all, we have the ability to access our brain to evaluate what is really happening around us and what we should do about that. Our brain could learn how to solve every problem we face, learn how to make things, create the new innovative idea, and literally almost everything we need we could have it with the power of the brain. But the question is how. How could we do such a great things when we are limited to our biological, social, and wealth. That thing is not the boundaries, the only boundaries we have is the boundaries that we created in our mind. We easily pushed back by the negative thinking we stupidly make and lead us to pessimism, preventing us to go further. Everything has a solution if we seek it to the very deep of our thought. When people said that we are stronger than we think they absolutely saying the right words. Logically, our brain is capable of so many things if we try to learn and develop it, so when we think about our current state of power we abandon the possibility of improvement in the future. What we should do is not declaring what we can do, but questioning what we could possibly do if we will it.

I have a technique to recover from the bad experience, regaining will do things I don’t like, overcome procrastination, building confidence to face new experience and some useful things to help us get to our goal. The trick is simple, break down the problem, solve it one by one in smaller pieces. When I had a bad experience I don’t solve it all at once, it’s too hard to kill the negative thought in their full form, we have to break it into some miniature of problem. The very easy example is when I fail at some college courses, it hit me really bad and overwhelming myself from depression make me creating a bad possibility that won’t happen, but I don’t let it ruin my thought and lead me to depression, so I try to rewire my brain to think positively and forcing optimism. I break down what makes me feel depressed, the list is: time wasted to retake the classes, lowered GPA, boredom when it comes to learning the same things all over again, shame, more spending on the tuition, and disappointing my parents. Those smaller pieces seem more logical than the irrational fear I had before hence I try to cope with my own brain and find a solution for each thing that makes me feel depressed, and it worked for me. I told my parents that I fail and they understand that I tried my best, I take the chances to understand the courses better and scoring a better grades, I take the same as the experience of failure and how to stand up after we fall, I deduce that if I learn same things twice I will be better than anyone who passed on the first try but only learns once. That solution eases my mind and in a matter of a minute, I regain all of my optimism to get a better chance and result in the future.

What I want to explain here is the key to getting what we want is override the negative thought and look to the right way to keep moving. Maybe it’s sound cliche but the most important thing is never to give up. If we tried and failed we just have to do it again in a different way, at some point, by the lucky odds or certain planning we will succeed. If we only have 1% chance to succeed we just to do it a hundred times and we will probably make it. Life is only once so don’t waste it by being a slave to our own mind.