How to hack a good life despite endless power cuts

By Richard Wallace|

Living without electricity in today’s technological world is hard to imagine. But it’s becoming increasingly common, with regular communications and computer outages raising havoc with businesses and individuals, not to mention disrupting urban and rural transport systems.

Like in the summer of 2016 when tens of thousands of Delta Airline passengers around the world were stranded for days by an Atlanta power outage that caused a global computer failure, halting all flights.

The problem is aging power and power systems infrastructure, and it’s only getting worse. Experts predict coming outages of greater frequency and increased severity. And not just in third world countries — but especially in the U.S., Europe, and other countries that have fallen behind in infrastructure investment and technology upgrades.

Designing new power systems of all kinds is a global opportunity and a boon for a new generation of engineers and systems developers. In the meantime, in a lot of regions of the world, people have developed clever coping mechanisms and schemes to deal with constant “power out” scenarios. None of these is more enterprising than this Lebanese software engineer’s solution, featured in the video below.

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A Beirut engineer has come up with an app to hack blackouts

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