Trumpty Dumpty

Trumpty Dumpty built a Great Wall, 
Trumpty Dumpty had a great Fall, 
winning the College Electoral 
(though the margins were rather small).

Not a landslide, not a mandate, 
for this most unlikely candidate — 
just a gamble in the hope 
that, however slippery the slope, 
this blusterer with balls for brains 
will push through much-needed change.

The Women’s March refused to be quiet. 
To Trumpty it’s just a Pussy Riot 
no doubt he thinks they should stay home 
until their monthly’s come and gone. 
Meanwhile his pal Vlad says Nyet 
to domestic violence law 
enforcement in Russia. You can bet 
our Trumpty’s trying to match that 
(helped by his hand-picked cabinet), 
impervious to our shock and awe.

“Shock and awe” negotiations: 
He stuns his own and other nations 
with an extreme position first, 
right up front presents the worst, 
then relents, yields here and there, 
shows the people he does care.

They’ll say, “tough but compassionate.” 
Meanwhile huddled masses wait 
in airports, guessing at their fate. 
Odd how a president’s decree, 
unlike a thrashed-out business deal, 
takes effect immediately. 
The Muslim ban is all too real.

Our Lady of the Harbor weeps. 
Gift from an old to a young nation, 
faithfully she keeps her station. 
Silent tears stream down her cheeks. 
The Framers spin in troubled sleep.

But once the illegals are all gone, 
we’ll enjoy what we have won!: 
new jobs for the deplorables, 
picking fruits and vegetables, 
toiling in the summer sun.

Trumpty Dump has risen to 
his level of incompetence, 
must miss his old “reality show”, 
where actions have no consequence. 
Eventually he’ll have to yield: 
Real reality’s not his field.

When it all catches up with him — 
changing course upon a whim, 
the lies and slanders, insults, threats 
(that some forgive but none forgets), 
false promises, delusional wall — 
when Trumpty Dumpty has his great fall, 
all of his whores and all of his men 
can never put Trumpty together again.


copyright © 2017, F.M. Sard