The JavaScript phenomenon is a mass psychosis
Richard Kenneth Eng

It is not only the programmers category that fall in the JS psychosis. Companies too. Google was on the verge of providing the world with a new language for the web: Dart. They developed it as an open source language, they hired the best engineers (even one of the Java language original designers), they created an amazing language, as flexible as javascript but without all the pitfalls. They made it run as a native script in their open source browser Chromium, and the Dart VM was four times faster because the code was compiled before execution like Java and C#. It even had an option to fallback to transpiled javascript on older browsers with no native support. All they had to do to change the web forever was to add the Dart VM to Chrome, used by million of people, and the websites would have adopted Dart just to make them 4 times faster.

And then what? Angular 2 was announced, JS programmers started to run to it like flocks, and Google decided to scrap the plan to bring Dart VM to Chrome. Now they just use Dart internally, and nobody talks about it anymore. This is how crazy this JS psychosis is: even when given the possibility of improving the web with a much better programming language, they still choose not to do it.

It is madness.

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