Meeting new people is an exciting experience and in return it can be so scary. This is because we are not aware of how we should behave around them, we do not know what annoys them and what makes them happy.

So this week was for meeting new people and it was an interesting experience since the people I met were very accommodating and considerate people. My teammates are the closest people I have got to know.

Emarcent, who is the other female in the group, was the first person I interacted with. She is a risk taker, courageous and has no self pity. Just chatting with her gave me more courage to move on.

Then there is Zack. He is an interesting and outgoing person. The way we chat, it’s like we have known each other for ages and he is also so helpful and encouraging.

Henry is another member of the team. He is everywhere and always one text away. He is so helpful and approachable.

And lastly Jude who is the learning facilitator for the team. He is readily available to give help and accommodating. He always gives a response whenever you reach out.

These new people have made this world a better place.