Photos of San Francisco’s first mustachioed cycling fanatics put today’s bike hipsters to shame
Pete Brook

Hi Pete, I’m using some of the photos you’ve found, and writing the backstory on San Francisco Bay Area cycling during the first wave of popularity, 1880–1910. My research is armchair stuff; newspaper archives, genealogy, old maps. Please have a look. I’d love to work together to bring more photos to the information I’ve gathered. See For instance, I’ve got a good hunch that’s future senator Mark Requa, 2nd from left in your first photo, son of Isaac, owner of the house in the photo, near modern-day Requa Road in Piedmont. And I’m about to publish the backstory to the photo “San Francisco Bicycle Club in Oakland near 5th and Jackson streets, January 16th, 1887. (California Historical Society)” on my blog. That’s Tomas Stevens, right foreground, holding up the boy on the bicycle, having freshly returned from riding around the world; first person to do so on a bicycle. I think I even know the photographer’s name. (There were two photographers taking photos that day.) Talk to me about photos of bicycling during this era?