6 Indispensable Tips For Choosing The Right Caterer

Organizing an event, whether big or small, can be a worrisome task.When it comes to planning, one wrong step can either make or break your event.Whether you’re planning a wedding or a corporate party, holiday gathering, a fund raiser event,etc.,after focusing on all endless details, the next important thing that comes to mind is the choice of a caterer, which is an indispensable part of the planning process.There are number of things that rest on your decision as to which caterer you hire depending upon the quality, taste and presentation of the food and beverages they serve.

Certainly, we all want our event to be picture-perfect, for which we need to be assured about the best services against the investment we make. Finding the best caterer for your event can get confusing. To help you out we’ve got some simple yet indispensable tips that will help you find the right caterer for your next event.

Be definite and select a caterer who is reactive to your needs

The first and the most important step in selecting the right catering service is to research about different caterers and then limiting your options only to a few selected vendors. For this you can get some recommendations from friends, relatives or your business associates, and can even check online reviews to draw out the best caterers suitable to your needs.

It’s significant to select a caterer who pays attention to your needs and aspirations and assists you at every step of the journey. You and your guests may have specific needs and likes and you all want those details to be implemented professionally. Let your caterer be your guide!

Check out the Availability and the payment details

The next thing you should see if your caterer is available on the date you entail. If you are going to get married in the wedding season, you should make sure that you are making the booking at least 5–6 months before and do confirm the date with your caterer. The next important thing in the checklist is to get an information about the payment process, at what point of time your date becomes locked and when payments are required to be paid. This will save you from those last minute shocks and unexpected bills just after the wedding. So, once your date is finalized and the venue is selected, start coordinating with your catering company.

Analyze the available menu options

Nearly every caterer has a standard menu or menus, and some of them offer some level of flexibility to alter these menus or to customize your own menu according to your requirements. It is necessary to analyze the menu options available and the changes that can be made. Do remember to review the caterer’s specialties. There may be few caterers who will go beyond the regular menu options and may customize some wonderful menus that complements the theme of the day and dietary requirements. Make sure to go for a menu tasting before your event so you can be sure about the taste and the presentation of the food to avoid the last minute trouble.

Ask for Customer’s reviews and references

Another good way to know about the caterer is to ask for the reviews of the customers who have availed their services in the past. Try to reach down to some past clients of the caterers you are planning to choose and ask for their review. Don’t go solely on the basis of online review as they may not be genuine or might have been altered. Ask the catering company to provide their previous client references which will help you get a better insight of the catering company and its services. So, don’t hesitate and get all your doubts cleared before booking.

Check the Experience and Service of the staff

Undoubtedly, how long a catering company is in business or the years of experience they hold is one of the crucial things that should be kept in mind while choosing the caterer. Select a specialized catering company which is well known for delivering extraordinary and awe-inspiring weddings and events. Inquire about the chef’s and the staff’s work and experience through social media and websites to ascertain their presence in the catering market. Make sure that the caterer you select should have a well-trained staff capable of catering your guests patiently and efficiently.

Budget Involved

Last but not the least, the cost of the catering service is a vital parameter that should be taken into concern.It is necessary to have a clear information about the catering costs and what all that cost includes. Be definite about your budget, and make sure that the estimate you receive covers the entire services. If you have a limited budget, ask about what all options the caterer has for you. Clear all your doubts related to the taxes or about any possible hidden charges or additional costs included in your budget.

Now that you’ve gone through these simple tips, don’t forget to use them while searching the caterers in your area. Make sure that the caterer you hire fits boththe style and the budget of your event. We all know that the success of any event depends upon the right choice of caterer one hires. So before taking any decision, take your time and select carefully. If you have the slightest of doubt about the caterer you are considering, then without giving much thought move on to another till you find a professional that meets all what you need.

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