6 Places for Affordable Destination Wedding in India

We all have heard this popular saying that “marriages are made in heaven”, well for some it’s actually happens. Since our childhood we have dreamed of having a celebrity style wedding- a dream destination wedding adorned with glitz and allure.

But this dream always seems to be unrealistic as it involves a heavy budget which burns a hole in our pocket. The questions that comes to mind when thought about these wedding — Are destination weddings only meant for the rich? Are they all about spending huge money and making it grand?
People these days aspire to make their wedding magnificent and lavish and take absolute care to select the best possible venue. If we aspire for a destination wedding then it is definitely a bit on the expensive side but it’s not always necessary that only expensive weddings turn out to be best, one can have the same destination wedding at an affordable price. This can be made possible by trying few tricks, taking small steps, making budgeting ideas and by following some interesting tips which can bring the budget down and will make it affordable. So, for you all brides just calm down and get a cup of coffee for yourself and explore this article which has been prepared on some of the best yet affordable places where you and your loved one can tie-the-knot without spending lavishly. But before we move ahead with the list of the places there are few important things which one should keep in mind to fulfill their dream of destination wedding while going easy on your wallet.

  • Be very particular about whom you’re inviting and works on things to trim down your guest list like a maniac. So you are required to know whom you have to call and whom to avoid. A minimum of 100 people is okay. As the numbers of the guests increase so as the budget, more guests means higher budget.
  • Fix your dates as early as possible and Book your place in the early hours and book in bulk by finding out your guest details.
  • If you wedding is in an Off-season then it will awesome so, save your dates accordingly. Try to avoid your wedding during the peak season as the prices would be high and you have to pay much more which will increase your budget. Go to places and book those hotels which are in the mid-range.

Here is a list of six affordable wedding destination spots:


If you have always dreamed of getting married in some royal style highlighting a rich cultural heritage, then you must have thought of a fort wedding somewhere in either Jaipur as Udaipur- which are popularly known the land of royals, but getting married in these places might cost heavy on your pocket and would go over-budget. But, don’t worry; we have searched a place where you can fulfill your wish while keeping your budget in limit. Mandu is a ruined city in Madhya Pradesh and has some serious old-world charisma! Situated in the middle of Satpura Mountains, this place has some beautiful palaces, ornamental baths and pavilions that will definitely entice your guests with its old-world romantic charm.

Nothing comes better than tying knot in these beautiful ranges which are rich with romance, in presence of your loved ones.


If you’re looking for a beach destination wedding at some undiscovered and reasonable location, then this is it! Situated on a mere 2 hour drive from Mumbai this place will mesmerize you with its lovely and virgin beaches, beautiful forts and stunning islands. This place would provide you with an attractive alternative of hiring banquets, bungalows and dining halls or hiring palatial hotels then spending a huge amount in Mumbai and Pune for getting a hotel or resort! This place even has some very lavish bungalows which are offered on rent for the weekend. So, if you are planning a beach wedding near Mumbai or Pune, then go for this place as it will surely enchants your visitors with its beauty and will make your wedding memorable.

If you love hills and planning to get married in the hills, then Lavasa is a very good option for people of Mumbai and Pune. It is India’s first man-made hill-station that is known for its charm and beauty. If you want to have your wedding away from the noisy streets and hustle bustle of the busy city, then celebrate your wedding at this serene place amidst the waterfalls and fabulous lakes that surround it. Easily accessible by road, this super pretty and super affordable place which can cut down the expenses drastically. But do remember to get your bookings done on time to save your money. The ideal time to book this place for wedding is between October to May.

Have you ever thought of getting married on the serene banks of river Ganges? If yes then this is the best place to get your own royal and magnificent wedding at the Ganges of Rishikesh. This place is emerging as a popular destination for weddings! Bounded by the vast sea-bed and white beaches, weddings at this place project an idyllic setting to start a new journey.

Jim Corbett
If you are inspired by The Jungle Book and want to get married in the lap of the nature, in a cool and a peaceful place then this place is just a perfect choice for you. Uttarakhand’s Jim Corbett National Park is picking up fast as one of the favorable destination weddings for its brilliant sunset backdrop, it’s lush greenery and easy accessibility, setting the just right ambiance for your wonderful occasion. You can choose either a camp wedding or choose from a variety of resorts for a quaint forest wedding according to your budgets. It is easily accessible from Delhi by road or rail.

Allepey is popularly known as “Venice of the East”. This place is popular for its immortalizing backwater beauty showcasing still water lagoons, bustling canals and stunning houseboats that are available on rent. It is a perfect destination wedding spot for those who are keen of tying knot in a quiet place and it also offers advantage of several tourist attractions like Alappuzha Beach, Krishnapuram Palace, R-Block, etc. Make your wedding memorable and popular among your guest by tying knots at this beautiful place.

So now choose your favorite destination and set your wedding plans depending upon your budget. Your dream is no more a dream, plan wisely and make your dream come true.

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