Wedding is about two souls but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one. When we talk about Hindu weddings it is an intricate and a protract affair. Considered as the most sacred and sincere event in the society Indian weddings are known for their lavishness and extravagance, marked with royal and fabulous décor and scrumptious delicacies.

Hindu weddings are known for rituals and customs performed which are considered as the real ingredients of a happy married life. These rituals and customs have their own significance and meaning that cannot be down away with. The most important ritual is the seven vows or satphere involving seven rounds around the pious fire called as havan kund. Marriages are considered incomplete without these vows. These vows are 7 promises sworn by bride and groom not only in the presence of priest and other people present at wedding but also in the presence of various gods and goddess, the five elements of nature that are believed to be present at that time. These vows are considered as unbreakable and every phera taken or a walk around the fire stands for a specific meaning. Before taking the seven vows, the bride is seated to the right hand side of the groom and after completing the seven pheras, the bride sits to the left side of the groom.

After lightning the sacred fire and chanting out some mantras the bride and the groom were asked to perform these 7 rounds around the fire and from here the real ceremony begins. The 7 promises or vows made are:

First Vow

Beginning the first round, the groom promises the bride to give her love and happiness and to take care of family’s welfare and growth. In return, the bride promises to fulfill her duty towards home, food, finances and family. Together they pray to god for providing them with abundant food and nourishment and a life that is respectful and noble.

Second Vow

In the second round, the groom promises the bride to provide protection and safety to her and to the family. In return, bride promises the groom to stand by his side in all tough and crucial circumstances and will provide him with strength and courage. Together they pray for healthy, rich and robust life and for physical, mental and spiritual well being from god.

Third Vow

In the third round, the groom accepts the bride as his wife and promise her to grow together wealthy and affluent and to provide prosperity to family. He promises to put his best efforts for providing education to his children. In return, the bride accepts the groom as her husband and promises to love him

only for the rest of her life. She says that every other man in her life will be secondary. Together they pray god for providing them with strength for increasing their wealth by righteous means and to use it judiciously.

Fourth Vow

While going for the fourth round the groom admits to bride that she has brought divinity, righteousness and compatibility in his life. He prays to god to bestow him and his family with children and for granting them all a long and healthy life. In return, the bride promises to provide joy and harmony, respect, faith and love to groom. Together they pray to god for providing them with long life full of knowledge, happiness, peace, love and trust.

Fifth Vow

In the fifth round the groom acknowledges bride as his best friend and a well wisher. In return, the bride promises to respect him and bring dignity and reputation. Together they pray for healthy, noble and obedient children and for the welfare of all the individuals.

Sixth Vow

While taking the sixth round, the groom aspires to fulfill her all wishes and to provide joy and happiness. In return, the bride commits to stand by his side always. Together they pray for plentiful seasons and to seek that they will live together for all these seasons.

Seventh Vow

While taking the final and that by walking this last step with her the seventh round the groom promises the bride that their love and affection have become integral and eternal. He says that we are from now onwards one entity. In return, the bride promises that now she has become his wife by the law of god and the promises made by her are with pure heart. Together they pray for a life blessed with understanding, loyalty, unity and peace.

After exchanging these vows of love, respect, unity and fidelity, the bride and the groom agrees to live as compassion for lifetime. These seven promises cover every dimension of human life from beginning of married life till death.For catering your event and making it memorable, contact us at +91 98101–30012, +91 98102–46888 or Email us at fbcatering@rediffmail.com, amitdua@fnbindia.in.

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