Don’t Do The Right Thing, So What You Do?

Don’t Do The Right Thing. So What You Do? Do The Brave Thing.


Another inspiring video from the makers of the famous Apple “Think Different” commercial.

It is true that it is easy to just do the right thing. So what is the right thing? The right thing is known as the status quo, safety zone, or comfort zone. It is a zone where you do as what everyone else is doing. Steve Jobs refers this as getting a job, save money, and just retire. He calls this a limited life. But human beings are capable of doing more. We can try to reinvent ourselves and do something that is out of our comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone will have different meanings for each of us. No everyone is going to get into tech and try to launch a startup. How to find out when to step out of your comfort zone? Easy answer, fear. All of us at some point have wanted to do something different but have bumped into this “Fear” feeling that make us doubt and eventually not doing it. Fear creates the wrong assumptions in your head and keeps you away from doing probably something really amazing.

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Next time you want to do something and it can be anything, just do it. Begin disrupting yourself inwards — meaning rewire your habits. Rewiring your habits is the best way to begin disruption. This is the first step before you begin disrupting problems in society.



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Investor, Philanthropist, and Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher. Enjoys exploring the unknown and welcomes the unexpected.

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