In Your Heart be a Yogi, Not a Yoga Teacher

In your heart be a Yogi, not a Yoga Teacher.

You must have a constant striving to become a full flesh human being. Being a yogi means just that.

Yoga means Union. Yogi means one who knows the Union by experience.

The Entire Universe is You.


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Yoga is union. This is the ultimate longing for a yoga practitioner. A yogi is one who has touched this Union. Otherwise, you are still in the making on becoming a Yogi.

As your progress in your practices, you become more in touch with the silence within you. It is in the silence within you where you will find many possibilities unknown to you. Gradually you begin to control your body, mind, and dismantle your bad habits and karma. You become detached from the feelings that arise from the senses. It is the attachment to the senses that gives us suffering. You stay in harmony (neutral) in right and unrighteous situations. There is no more aversion and fear begins to fade away. You see life from a different perspective. Life is you and you realized that all the nightmares played out by the mind is fake because everything is just transitory and not permanent. But what is permanent is your inner silence/source. The source who is watching everything with love and compassion. You see this same source in all human beings. You see that everything is just connected with this ultimate source. And yes the Universe is just you. It is here when you poke at it, that the greatness within you rise. Nothing can’t destroy it. Then the mind just becomes your servant, not the master as what Osho said the mind has been able to conquer all human-beings. But the mind knows when the “Master” wants to speak, the mind will shut up. Yoga practices bring the appropriate alignment and keep the mind in its original home — the heart.

So who is the master? The source within you. The creator/God. It is located in the heart. When you operate from the heart, you are operating from a higher dimension and not the limited mind. Many great ones will tell you that ideas were felt from the heart. Then everything felt like it flows. This is the heart leading you and not the mind. The mind only gives you what you already know. The mind is always restless. The mind is the street dog when it leaves its home.

Yoga is not only the physical. The physical is one small component. There are other dimensions of yoga that many of us are doing, therefore, are already practicing yoga. You go to a church, then that is yoga. You help people, then that is yoga. You give your seat to an elderly, then that is yoga. You speak with truth, then that is yoga. You give to charity, then that is yoga. You read spiritual texts, then that is yoga. You continue to thrive challenging your mind and breaking old habits, then that is yoga. Don’t be misinformed by the current yoga mainstream that has commercialized yoga as only the physical. That is the wrong perception mainstream has portrayed on yoga. Mainstream has portrayed yoga as acrobatic and only a physical exercise— that is not yoga.

If you want to learn yoga postures, learn the original fundamentals and you can do this through Classical Hatha Yoga. Practicing yoga techniques as how it was done thousands of years ago, will make a tremendous impact and build a strong foundation. In this space, there is no room for disruption or technology to adjust postures and experiment with. Leave technology and disruption aside when it comes to yoga, otherwise, you can damage your system. Always remember, that yoga is a spiritual practice that was not created to make quick impacts but rather to make you go up the ladder in steps and reach the ultimate source — Enlightenment.

Yoga can make a tremendous impact on your life. Welcome yoga to your life and gradually you will see the benefits. Build the seeds to build a large fantastic tree. Once the roots are strong, nothing can’t touch you. Life becomes effortless and joyful.

Be joyful.



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Investor, Philanthropist, and Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher. Enjoys exploring the unknown and welcomes the unexpected.

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