Victory is Having Done Your Best

Victory is in having done your best. If you’ve done your best, you’ve won.

-Billy Bowerman

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New York Giants Quarterback — Eli Manning Around The NFL

I grew up in a country where I never experience players competitiveness or even the caliber of sports competitiveness that I have seen in the US. Despite the amount of money players make in the NFL, this season, I have seen many players in the New York Giants self-motivate themselves, despite playing with a losing record (by the way New York Giants is my team — not being bias here just open-minded with what I’m writing). One player that has always stood out for his mental toughness is quarterback Eli Manning. I have followed his career very closely since he came to the National Football league (NFL). He is not the typical NFL motivational player that gets loud or even dances after scoring. To the contrary, he stays cool just very mindful on what is going on. He is a quiet “lion” where he looks at his terrain, studies it, and even despite New York media’s criticism on him, he is always a gentleman to his franchise team, the fans, and to everyone who is in his circle. But when he sees the opportunity he takes over and shuts up everyone with a bang.

The New York media can be very tough. They will celebrate you if you win but if you lose they can be harsh. Even though Eli Manning has won two Super Bowls the media has been harsh to him if the team loses or on whatever he does. The media feeds doing criticism but the “great ones” don’t pay attention to them and this is what drives the media writers nuts when a player is just indifferent to them. I applaud this effort by the great ones. I can think of another player, Michael Jordan. When he played for the Washington Wizards, he was 38 years old and considered very old to play on the league. The media was very hard on him and even questioning his greatness. Yes, the media even questioned the great Michael Jordan. But on December 29, 2001, playing against the Charlotte Hornet, Michael Jordan shut up the media when he scored 51 points.

Michael Jordan

Despite all of this, Eli Manning still remains mental strong which is what you need whenever you face challenges. He stood strong the year he won his first Super Bowl. In this year, a former teammate (Tiki Barber) called on him as comical when he tried to be outspoken in the locker room. Eli’s answer to the media, “nothing.” The media reaction was confused. They expected Eli to be angry but he wasn’t, instead, he was respectful of someone’s else comments and just focus on the present moment which was to win.

New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning

Victory is not about the trophy because those celebrations don’t last. What matters is the effort that you put in every day — day in and day out. And this is what you do in life if you want to succeed. You don’t have to be a professional player to make these celebratory victories. Whether you are a CEO launching a startup or a social worker, you put the maximum effort every day. Why? Because it means something to you. If there is no meaning in anything that you do, then what is the point? right? That is wasteful life that will pass by very slow. But if you wake up every day doing what you love, putting the effort with all your means, then every day is a victory. Every day is a celebration. Life will be just a breeze.

Make your life victorious by being joyful. If you are content within, then everything will come to you effortlessly. There is no need to go and grab it. The more you try to grasp, the more it runs away from you. Be in the moment and embrace whatever comes because everything is a learning experience in your journey.

Enjoy your journey and hey why not with a little bit of celebration, right?!



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Investor, Philanthropist, and Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher. Enjoys exploring the unknown and welcomes the unexpected.

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