You Become What You Believe

Before you can achieve the kind of life you want, you must think, act, talk, and conduct yourself in all of your affairs as would the person you wish to become. Keep a mental picture of that person before you as often as you can during the day. We Become What We Believe.

- Earl Nightingale

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Human beings have many potentials that we can unleash until we step into the unknown. This unknown is the journey to your goal or dream. In the beginning, as you take the first steps into your goal or dream, you will be blind and enter the darkness. Challenges will rise to test you. It is not life that is testing you but you are going against your old identity. Wake up every day telling yourself that there is nothing more for you to think and work other than your dream. Do it every day to the point that you can’t think on anything else. You dream will become so much a part of you that you will literally convince yourself that this is it, that is me and there is nothing else that I will do. Trust me, once this feeling is so deep inside of you, that is it, it will become a reality. It is here when you finally begin to experience the evolution of your destiny.

You see, you have been living a life the way society has dictated you and you obeyed. The mind likes this because it is the status quo. But all the great ones and even the current ones like Elon Musk confirms that all human beings have many potentials to unleash. Steve Jobs spoke tirelessly by telling people that he is nothing special. That everyone can poke at life and find out many potentials. He did it and so as you. In spirituality when Lord Buddha achieved enlightenment he said that there is nothing special that separates him from the rest because all of us have the potential to achieve enlightenment. What sets the Steve Job, Larry Page, or Lord Buddha apart from others? Easy answer: Fear

Life has been configured to go inside, dig deep inside, and see what you can uncover. Behind every successful product or person, thousands of hours have been put on at work, tears have covered a face for days, doubts or sometimes even suicidal thoughts have run over people’s head, people have put at risk all of their life savings, but along the way, there is something deep inside that tells you to keep going.

Two of Napoleon Hill 13 principles “persistence and faith” are key fundamentals to achieve whatever you like. The mind is powerful and if you wake up every day telling yourself, that today might be my day and I will go at it all the day no matter what it takes, then the Universe will help you.
Your reward will be the same level as the input you have put in. This is the law of cause and effect.

We should not live a life of limitations. If so, then that is surviving and not living. Living is about truly discovering what you can be and make life your playground.

S o what is success? Many think when they see startup CEO taking the company public that he/she or both CEOs are successful. I don’t think that is success. Material success is not success. Success comes from within. Success means that you have taken charge of your life and you are just fearless on whatever comes to you. You don’t judge but you embrace life as your own making. Is not about material but joyful abundance.

Once you start your journey, eventually, you will cross the finished line. Victory will be upon you. Persist and persist. Allow your character to mature and embrace well your ultimate dream. But always remember what you went through. Give back to others by helping them, that is the best way to make it up to the Universe. Continue to be humble and always remember what you went through. During an interview in the 1980s, a reporter asked Mr. T from the A-Team why he wore million dollar jewelry with old crappy shoes. Mr. T replied:

There is a message in the shoes. It is so easy to get caught up in all the fame and material stuff and forget where I come from. The shoes keeps me level and feet on the ground and my head towards heaven.

Life is not short, neither past or future.

Life is now in the present moment.

Be your maker. Pivot, persist, and you will make it.

Whatever you are working on, if you are relentless with ridiculous faith, it will happen because what you are ultimate seeking, is also seeking you.

And yes, “You Become What You Believe.”



Written by

Investor, Philanthropist, and Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher. Enjoys exploring the unknown and welcomes the unexpected.

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