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How do creatives target niche markets?

Francis Chen
Jun 12, 2018 · 2 min read

Focusing on a niche allows you to connect with your target audience & produce higher quality results. Diluting your strengths to appeal to multiple audiences results in a more average product outcome.

With niche markets, customers will expect highly specialized services. Niche markets may have limited product supply / services available to consumers, and thus, you have the opportunity to charge higher prices for your services.

However, the quality of your services or product must be high (and difficult to find) such that it justifies a fair price point for your consumer.

Thus, creatives who go into the business world have to see themselves more than just creatives expressing their feelings — they are creating products & services that are an essential extension of one’s personal life.

This mindset shift means that artists have to think of themselves as consumer brands.

Creatives that study the spirit of pop culture, study its limitations & flaws that people are complaining about, and create a highly rich, interactive consumer experience people care about.

Being niche means designing every aspect of your specific audience member’s journey, from start, middle, to end.

Knowing that audience member, inside and out, is key in deciding which problems are actual pain points and which problems are not.

Studying those fears and insecurities, and seeing how they are currently solving those problems (and what is working / not ) — while you provide an alternative, better service, is key in connecting with your audience.

In sum, targeting a niche market is a process of building high quality relationship with a smaller, dedicated fan-base.

It’s much harder to build the same level of high quality relationships with larger audiences, if the time invested per customer is much lower.

The customer requirements are just too different, and require different strengths to solve them — you just won’t be able to provide high quality customer service, since you’ve diluted it to too many people.

High quality customer service is what people will remember you for. Niche markets will provide you that option.

Francis Chen

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