The remaining sunlight is still good enough to dry the clothes

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Nadine Shaabana from Unsplash

It’s less than 3 months to go and you’re thinking 🤔; there’s no need doing anything again this year, it’s already a waste, can it just end already so we can restart in 2021. This also crossed my mind too so I know that feeling but I put it to you NO, don’t start again in 2021, start NOW.

You might be saying, what is there to start again at this time when COVID-19 has taken almost the whole year??? In a way you are right and in the other way, you’re wrong. From the perspective of the wrong, the truth is: life continues and the laws guiding the nature of life have not changed and they do not understand the effects of the pandemic. Life does not care about what must have happened to you during this period, Its standards do not change. …

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A screenshot of my home screen

Over the years it has been “a pain in the arse” to stay productive even though I have a list of tasks and things planned out for the day. Managing time per hour has been a huge problem until I came across Apple Calendar 🗓 and Reminders applications.

Let me tell you a story of my transition to these apps

In the year 2016, I decided to start planning my daily activities. This was birthed after several hours of reading and studying the lives of several great men. Then I realized that one of the secrets to their successes is in their time management (what they do per time). …

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I woke up one morning and felt the need to test my HTML & CSS skills without using any library nor framework. This is to test how well I understood HTML & CSS.

Today, many young developers don’t like taking the time to understand how HTML and CSS work under the hood before delving into front-end frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, etc. They all want to jump into using the tools and technologies to build apps. I know that feeling too. I was once at that state.

Without Further Ado, let’s get down to business.

In my project root directory, I created an index.htm file using my text editor and input the following boilerplate to start…



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