Join in International Take a Smile Day 2016 — May 14th

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Find a Take a Smile Gathering near you, or post your own on our new (beta) Global Positive Social Action Map

We’re not funded, or commercial in any way. Just people coming together to make positive changes in the World we all live in.

Mission: Share this message and video to as many people as possible to recruit their help in spreading this positive initiative and join us on the 14th May giving smiles to promote friendly gestures between people who haven’t met in their city

Epic Flash Mobs Confirmed

Raving into Take a Smile Day at
Morning Gloryville West — 9.30–13.30


We wanted some showmanship to make it as awesome an experience as possible so we’ve partnered with MGV who run monthly morning no-alcohol raves, full of colourful costumes, glitter and the most unbelievable natural high i’ve ever experienced. Afterwards, at 13.30 we’ll be taking that overflowing positive energy directly to our fellow Londoners along Portobello Road, and sharing it by giving out smiles. Bring your camera!

take a smile 5
take a smile 5

Piccadilly Square Flash Mob — 15.30–17.00
Join us chilling in the sun (fingers crossed) and drawing thousands of cheerful smiley faces. Then splitting into teams to give out our small, friendly gesture to as many unsuspecting Londoners as we can find
(plz bring paper and pens, wet weather alternative in Leake St Tunnel, updates in the FB event)

Current records we’re aiming to break:
50,000 people for international Give a Bubble Day 2015
21 Cities for Inspire MY City Day 2015

We’d love you to help us smash them!

Useful Links for sharing:
Map of all Take a Smile meetings to find one near you, or post your own:
Main FB event:

and please send me an email if you’d like to join the team, helping with social media, contacting the press, filming, editing, organising, or leading a team on the day, making it an unforgettable experience

Be Wonderful to each other, someone needs your kindness today,
Andy at Focallocal :0)

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Take a Smile
Take a Smile

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